6 Social recruiting mistakes and how to avoid them

They say, “Social media is the most disruptive form of communication humankind has seen since the last disruptive form of communications, i.e. email.”

It is irrefutably the ultimate game changer. There are no two ways about it. Its magic has touched every aspect of our lives and its stardom is rubbing in the recruitment industry as well.

In fact, in a world, where going digital is the new mantra, traditional hiring is being replaced big time giving way to a whole-hearted welcome to social recruiting. Platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more are being extensively employed across the globe to acquire talent.

Having said that, effectively using a particular tool to your advantage is a key consideration which recruiters may nor may not be practicing.

Interestingly, a recent study reveals that nearly 92% of recruiters use social media regularly to spot the right workforce for their organizations! And vice-versa- Candidates also are embracing social media tools to identify their future employers.

So, the next time you use social recruiting, you might want to think a thousand times to be sure if you’re doing it the right way.

Here are few mistakes which recruiters make consciously or unconsciously while using social recruiting.

1. Wrong employer brand perception on candidates

Often times, companies that are not doing so good in the market brand themselves in a way that is misleading. For instance, companies that are not that great portray them in a in a very positive light. This creates a wrong perception about the brand on the candidate’s mind and might mis-guide them into believing the message the brand propagates.

Whereas few companies, especially startups are really doing good, sometimes even better than Fortune 500 companies. but under brand themselves on social media, maybe because they feel they are not up to the mark on the evolution scale in terms of revenue generation. As a result, fail to attract the right set of candidates.

2. No proper strategy in place

We all know that a vision without a strategy remains an illusion and a strategy without a process is little more than a wish list. Recruiters often devalue this step as they probably do not realize its significance yet.

Social recruiting without a strategic intent and plan is like putting the cart before the horse. One needs to have a proper vision and a well-orchestrated plan that can be executed within the resources available in order to actualize the vision.

Set a basic strategy in place that delineates the reasons why you’re doing what you’re doing and how are you going to achieve it.

3. Ignoring Communication and Engagement

Social media tools have brought in an element of ease in the life of a recruiter. However, we should not forget that such platforms are powerful tools to make or break a company’s reputation considering the number of candidates they can reach out to.

Millennials today, beyond doubt land on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Glassdoor to gauge how working with their potential employers would be like.

High value employees presently are better equipped with the right tools and the necessary knowledge that help them discover their dream workplaces effortlessly. This is the reason why there should be a consistent and authentic engagement and connection with the candidates and an element of transparency must be practiced.

4. Not producing appropriate and personalized content

Producing content is not a challenge. Fact of the matter is posting the right and relevant content can be grueling. Often recruiters due to paucity of time, use generic templates to connect with the candidates.

Candidates are smart enough to know well if it’s just another scripted template or a well written thoughtful and personalized one. You’re already starting on a wrong footing if you’re employing this approach and guess what? You start to wonder, where on earth is all the good talent hiding?

They are very much in plain sight. A shift in approach and a personal touch is all that is needed to drive your message home. Personalize your messages so as to engage with potential talent effectively.

5. No monitoring and measurement

Peter Drucker, the legendary management guru once said, “What gets measured gets managed.”

All your efforts will go down the tubes if you do not have a mechanism to monitor and measure the results of your social recruiting efforts. This input is a key component as it helps you to learn if your efforts are really working or not.

o, this will give you a clue if you need to change your goal or strategy in case the efforts you are putting are not bearing fruits. If they are you may continue with your efforts and keep improvising. Bottom line is, you should have a clear reason for investing your time and efforts on social recruiting.

6. Not defining the audience

You need to define your ideal candidate emphatically so that the candidates are aware of what’s expected of them and vice-versa.

The traditional one size fits all approach which recruiters take in order to post content on social media simply diffuses the efficacy it can have if presented in a different style. This is the top reason why companies fail to attract the top talent.

Recruiters can set aside some time to study about their potential candidate’s preferences, their philosophy, psychology, goals, employment history and work out some personalized and interesting content which can enthrall them. This will surely influence them to consider what you have to offer.

Looks like, the tug of war between the risks and benefits of social media tools may leave recruiters baffled, the ultimate key lies in a prudent and sagacious use of social recruiting tools ensuring interesting, relevant and personalized content is shared.

Following the above-mentioned solutions to the best of our abilities, we can eliminate the element of pandemonium around their usage. These tools bring with them responsibility. Responsibility to present content in a rightful manner and not to forget- leverage most from these smart tools.

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