Simple hacks to create awesome Employee Experience

“In a world where money is no longer the primary motivating factor for employees, focusing on the employee experience is the most promising competitive advantage that organizations can create.” says, Jacob Morgan, keynote speaker, futurist and author of The Employee Experience Advantage.

Here is a day where employees unlike before are way smarter, better empowered, and more aware, there rests with them, the power to choose the right employer they would want to string along.

Millennials today, beyond doubt land on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Glassdoor to gauge how working with their potential employers would be like.

According to Glassdoor, 70% of people look at reviews before they make career decisions.

This means gone are the days where employers ruled the roost. It’s not a one-way street anymore. On the contrary, it’s the other way round and the employers should be extremely wary of this fact if they want to create and retain a team of leaders.

High value employees presently are better equipped with the right tools and the necessary knowledge that help them discover their dream workplaces effortlessly.

The employee experience is not just a subject which needs to be dealt with on the job alone. The lifecycle of the employee’s journey commences well before hiring and culminates when he/ she departs.

Reports reveal that nearly 50% of candidates don’t intend to work for a company with a bad reputation even for a pay – increase.

Whether or not you as an employer stand up to the scrutiny, promising exceptional employee experience is the need of hour today and this is how you can bring home a troop of exalted workforce like never before.

Having said that, let’s look into some strategies, that will make you a champion in the area of offering eminent employee experience.

Pre- Hiring Stage

Before even a candidate applies for an open position, the employer brand walks the talk in creating a clear employer perception on to the minds of the applicants. Branding strategies if done well have the efficacy to communicate the essence of your organization’s work culture, vision and how it’ like to work for the company.

The voice of your brand effectively sets the stage for how your organization is performing as a corporate entity as opposed to the competition. Visual storytelling via social media is a sure- fire way of showcasing employees having great time at work and this can send a potent message to all those who want to team up with you.

Define a clear message so that employees know what’s on offer and what is expected of them as an employee.

Thus, high ranking on being a “great workplace” can significantly influence candidate’s decisions around considering one employer over another in the process of application. All this entails constant and consistent branding so as to ensure ongoing engagement with potential candidates.

During hiring

Starting from sourcing and recruiting to onboarding and exit, empowering HR and frontline professionals with right tools that drive good employee experience must be espoused and encouraged throughout the talent acquisition process.

Time and again, real time unfinished application cases pop up, only to uncover the lacunas in the tools and strategies used in hiring.

E.g. Some of the ATS used are too far out and time consuming for the candidates, hence they quickly lose interest in moving forward with the application process. In order to create good candidate experience, ATS tools must be user friendly and easy to use.

Onboarding Stage

Now coming to the onboarding process, the strategies managed by the HR staff throughout the process must be fun- filled, welcoming and engaging so as to keep new joinees warm. Sadly, many organizations misprize the onboarding process and treat it like just another customary chore.

No wonder when employers overlook such simple yet profound elements of employee value proposition, they lose top performing employees within no time only to tarnish their own reputation.

The need of hour is not a cookie cutter solution but a superb candidate experience that gives you a competitive advantage over others. The same is corroborated by Gavyn McLeod, Senior Product Marketing Manager, EIM at OpenText when he says- “Engaging customers and employees is about understanding–and delivering on–their needs and expectations.”

Typical HR tasks like hiring, handling PF, bank account, operations are good but if you’re not taking into consideration how employees feel at every stage of their employment journey you’re simply jumping through the hoops.

On the job

Now that a company has brought home the candidate of its choice, it’s time to put in practice the efforts making way for a good employee experience. Here is the actual test for employers, as the management tends to get slack once a candidate joins, and this may make employees feel that they are thrown in at the deep end.

Ongoing engagement with the right framework/ tools, constant feedback mechanism, fostering positive work culture all accounts for a healthy employee experience so that the employees can get comfortable in their skin.

The tools and strategies embraced should be refined and re evaluated periodically to ensure smooth work environment.

There should be timely appraisals- not only in terms of money but if an employee is outperforming and deserves appreciation, kudos from managers, top management or even third party members can go a long way in boosting employee morale.

Exit Stage

Last but not the least. An element of sensitivity must be exercised when an employee is departing.

When an employee call it quits, and if they are not cared for during their exit, they depart on a bitter note and this can prove detrimental to the company’s image.

Ensure, the exit interviews are done with utmost care so that the loop is closed in a graceful manner, and the employee exits cheerfully! Additionally, the feedback given by the employee must be taken positively and seriously to be able to improvise on the problem areas.

In conclusion, employee experience management is not a one- time activity! It’s an ongoing ritual and we encourage companies to have clearly defined metrics which tracks the same and follow up constantly to bridge the gaps.

So, what’s your mantra? How’s the josh in your organization?

“The lesson: when you invest in the employee experience, the revenue will follow.” “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” -Aesop, ancient Greek storyteller

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