6 ways to Effectively Deal with Interview Anxiety

The anxiety that washes over you just on the thought of attending an interview is something most people face, in today’s fast-paced, highly-competitive world. What most people don’t know is, that they aren’t alone and that there is nothing to be ashamed by feeling anxious on attending an interview - after all, not everybody in the world is capable of facing them with that supreme confidence that is so desired by all. While it is okay to have feelings of anxiety and tension before a crucial interview that could shape the rest of your life and determine your future, it is important to gain some control over these feelings. Feelings of anxiety can cloud one’s judgment and prevent them from doing their best. Just the thought of impressing a stranger in a position of authority, who may have the power to take your career in the trajectory you are desperately hoping for it to take, can bring on these feelings. In this article, we have some pivotal suggestions for any job seeker that will help them control anxiety better for their next interview.

1 Take Care of Yourself

While this is a common suggestion, it remains an important one even in the present context. Looking after yourself by maintaining a healthy diet, hygiene and lifestyle all add to your increased well-being and self-confidence. Getting a minimum of eight hours of sleep and exercising regularly also help in handling stress and anxiety better. Avoiding caffeine before an interview is a good practice as it prevents your brain from working overtime and causing paranoia to set in.

2 Think Positive

Although easier than done, being optimistic is a proven method used by top athletes for wading through feelings of anxiety and getting what you need to get done at the end of the day. Another term for thinking positive might be to picture your success and visualize it. Pondering on positive thoughts such as these, automatically has your brain working for you instead of against you. Visualizing success enables your brain to begin charting out strategies to help you achieve your goals.

3 Remove Aggravators of Your Anxiety

A good way of relieving yourself from interview anxiety is determining what’s causing it in the first place. Aggravators of anxiety can often be found in the subtlest and simplest of habits and objects that you associate with. Wearing clothing that makes you feel anything but comfortable and relaxed, punctuality problems, lack of preparation, toxic relationships, etc, are all equally capable of wreaking havoc on your confidence and self-image. Preparing yourself to be free from these stress causes by choosing a set of comfortable clothing, finding out the location of the interview and determining how to get there on time, even a day or two before the day of the interview, will set you up for success.

4 Research is the Key

Being well-prepared for an interview, is half the job done. Getting to know more about the organization you are interviewing at, finding out their goals and aligning them with your own, getting more details about the job profile and thinking of responses that demonstrate your suitability to the job profile are all essentials to research, in order to be fully prepared for an interview. There is nothing quite like the confidence that comes with good preparation and being fully informed.

5 Stay Calm No Matter What

A common trick that a lot of HR professionals and recruiter employ to test if you have what it takes to handle pressure, is to ask you a question which has nothing to do with your field of expertise, on purpose. Remaining calm and thinking of a polite answer, under such circumstances is the right thing to do. Realizing that the interviewer gains nothing from upsetting you and that he/she is just pulling an age- old recruitment trick, will help you make sure you pull-off the interview successfully. Do not get intimidated by the stature or physical attributes of your recruiter. Be confident in what you know and don’t know and don’t be afraid of failure. Remember that although we live in a fast-paced, highly competitive world, there are still a large number of opportunities still lying in wait for you!

6 Turn the Tables

Evaluating your employer during an interview might seem like a bad idea. But this demonstrates your interest in the organization, your curiosity to learn more as well as your willingness to progress in your career. Recruiters are always on the lookout for ambitious candidates, as they are more driven and capable of putting in the hours to accomplish what they want, no matter what. Give your interviewer a run for his/her money. Make them sell their firm as hard as possible. Let them demonstrate to you that their organization is the best place for you to join.

Apart from the above suggestions, simulating an interview experience by asking a friend, family member or colleague to interview you, will definitely help you get familiar with the process and make you prepared to face anything. The thing to keep telling yourself is that no matter what happens, one failed interview is not the end of the road and one failed interview certainly doesn't imply that you will be a failure for the rest of your life. Although we live in a competitive world, we also live in a world filled with opportunities. Focus on the good and you’ll be sure to crack any interview you have to face during the course of your career.

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