6 things to consider while screening candidates

As a recruiter, screening through resumes is a sure-fire way of ensuring your organization spends their time interviewing and hiring nothing but the creme-de-la-creme of candidates. Making sure that your firm doesn’t waste its precious time and resources in attracting the wrong candidates, is the mark of a proficient recruiter or HR professional.

Irrespective of whether you are an amateur or experienced recruiter/HR executive, streamlining the process of screening resumes to find only the best and most skilled professionals for your organization, can seem like a daunting if not entirely impossible task. This is however far from true. Looking out for and spotting certain key features in a resume, to judge its legitimacy, requires a recruiter to know exactly what to look for.

This is exactly what we hope to address in this article. Highlighted in detail below are six tips that will help any recruiter - amateur or experienced, to efficiently and effortlessly evaluate resumes, in order to eliminate unfit candidates just by looking at their CVs.

Tip #1 Make sure Your Job Posting is Attractive and Effective

Most out-of-work job-seekers are desperate enough to apply for any vacancy, irrespective of whether they are experienced or experts in it. Interviewing such candidates most often turns out to be a terrible waste of time. Thus, it is crucial for your job posting to not only be clear about the ideal candidate but also concisely state that candidates with qualifications and experiences other than what is required, will not be considered at all. This deters those “apply-for-anything” candidates and helps prevent the wasting of your organization’s time and resources.

Tip #2 Buzzwords Aren’t Everything

In the information age, it is easy for any candidate, skilled or unskilled to develop a resume filled with all the necessary keywords you as a recruiter or HR executive are looking for. Looking past these keywords and reading between the lines will help you spot the difference between a genuine resume and an in genuine one, which has been completely doctored to seem like the candidate fits the profile you are looking for, perfectly. A telltale sign of a highly doctored resume (which happens to contain all the keywords you as an HR recruiter are interested in) is the absence of a work portfolio. A candidate who truly has experience in the field you are interested in hiring for, will not hesitate to show-off their previous work and make it known that “they’ve been there and done that”. However, in the case of a missing work portfolio, asking the candidate to provide you with one, rather than just assuming he/she doesn’t really have a work portfolio, will prevent you from making any hasty and detrimental decisions.

Tip #3 Use Your ATS effectively

Making complete use of your Application Tracking System to help you effectively screen the resumes of candidates will surely help make your life as an HR professional or recruiter easier.

Leveraging the use of questionnaire creation tools on your ATS, to create a short quiz that will truly test the knowledge of potential candidates is something every recruiter should be aware of and look into if not. Framing questions to test key aspects such as domain expertise, personality, ability to handle pressure, ability to think quickly will give you a clear idea of whether the candidate is worth pursuing for your organization.

Tip #4 Identify Candidates for The Long-Term

Owing to the fact that the lack of employee retention is a key deterrent in an organization’s growth and expansion, it is crucial to screen candidates who are both skilled and willing to be a part of your workforce for the long-term. Although past work experiences are a decent indicator of a candidate’s willingness and capability of being a part of the firm for the long-run, it is not always the clearest, especially in the case of fresher's. That is why, gauging a candidate’s willingness to stay in your organization for the long term, from the goals, aims and ambitions that they have stated in their resumes, is beneficial.

Tip #5 Skill Testing to Weed Out the Good from the Best

In cases where you as a recruiter are faced with the dilemma of choosing between resumes of candidates who all seem to be perfect fits for your organization, the best course of action to take, in order to weed out the decent ones from the very best, is to invite all of them to take a test. Using an ATS or your business website to host a short test will help you single-out the crème-de-la-creme of the lot, is a fool-proof mechanism to attract only the most skilled professionals to your firm. Preparing a short quiz type test that examines the most important skills and aspects of a candidate, that your job profile necessitates will stand you in good stead as an HR recruiter.

Tip #6 Brainstorm as a Team Before Beginning to Issue Interview-Calls

Discussing potential candidates as a team among other fellow recruiters and senior HR executives will help you develop a clearer idea of who your potential candidates are, before actually proceeding to issue calls for interviews. This brainstorming aids in the process of reconsidering resumes you have shortlisted, as you might learn something you didn’t know or weren’t aware of until your fellow recruiters or senior HR executives told you so. This also helps you improve your brand image, by, preventing you from sending out unnecessary interview calls to candidates you definitely aren’t going to hire, by respecting prospective candidates and only asking them questions that are fair as well as relevant.

Armed with these tips, you as a recruiter or HR professional can now streamline the process of screening resumes effectively enough, in order to suit and serve the needs and necessities of your organization, the best way possible.

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