Interviewdesk at People Matters Tech HR Conference 2018

The People Matters Tech HR Conference and Exhibition, Asia’s largest HR conference, took place from August 1st to August 3rd at The Leela Ambience in Gurgaon. The conference was an excellent platform for HR Leaders, HR Product & Service experts and HR Technology partners as well as startups from around the world to interact with each other and delve deeply into the contemporary ultra-modern trends and solutions in the industry.

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The entire conference focused on foreseeing future trends in HR and preparing for them. The conference saw many top professionals from the HR industry speak about these technological changes affecting the industry and how one should cope with them, on all three days.

Interviewdesk saw this as a great opportunity to connect with leading practitioners and technology product leaders in the HR industry. Soon after setting up shop at booth 105, we had a steady inflow of people interested and curious about Interviewdesk. We even had a visit from Ms. Savitha, the Head of Talent Acquisition - India at Thoughtworks.

Team InterviewDesk at Tech HR

Day 1 - The first day focused on how organizations could increase and enhance the productivity levels of their workforces in this age of digital disruption. The day kicked off with a welcome address from Esther Martinez, the CEO, and Editor-in-Chief of People Matters Media. The first lecture of the day was by Jason Averbook, CEO, and Co-Founder of Leapgen. He spoke about how the time is ripe for innovation and progress in HR as our mindsets, people, processes, and technology are all already aligned. Another noteworthy speaker on the day was Tony Buzan, Brain Expert and the inventor of Brain Mapping, who spoke about the unlocking of true human potential using Brain Mapping.

Day 2 - The theme of the second day was innovation and how HR professionals must innovate to reinvent their skill sets and build future e-ready organizations. The day started with a lecture on "The HR Technology Market In Disruption: What’s Coming Next" by Josh Bersin, Industry Analyst and founder of Bersin by Deloitte. He emphasized the "New Architecture" for HR technology and how it will aid in constructing the right HR and management platforms. Actor Ashish Vidyarthi also had shared some valuable inputs from his years of experience in the field of Indian cinema. Later in the day, there was a power-packed discussion on how to choose between an Open or Close tech Ecosystem for the future of your organization.

Ashish Vidyarthi with InterviewDesk Founder

Day 3 - The final day focused on how organizations can leverage advancements in technology to increase their growth. The day began with an interesting debate among top HR professionals on whether Human Innovations or System Intelligence will be the future of work. The conference ended with former Australian Cricket Team captain, Shane Watson sharing his thoughts on how technology is shaping sports for the better and how parallels can be drawn between the influence of tech in the sports world and the world of recruiting and hiring.

Interviewdesk also conducted sessions on all three days with a number of top professionals in the HR world speaking about the growing influence that technological advancement is having on recruiting and hiring processes all over the globe. A range of topics including ‘the average time taken for a company to identify and hire a candidate being 51 days’, ‘the role of artificial intelligence in recruiting’ and more were discussed at these sessions. Mr. Pichumani, the founder of Interviewdesk also received a certificate for his contributions to the conference.

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Pichumani Durairaj Founder at People Matters

InterviewDesk at Tech Events

Pichumani Durairaj Founder InterviewDesk

All in all, the conference was a great exposure for Interviewdesk, helping to connect with and learn from top professionals, and leaders in the HR world.

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