A shift in recruitment- Interviews Outsourcing

When I was a recruiter in the early years of my career, I remember I had a harrowing experience at a scheduled weekend drive which I had organized when I was working at McAfee in Bangalore. I had lined up almost 45 to 50 people for that day.

Considering my experiences from the past, I assumed that of all the candidates I had scheduled, only 50% or less would turn up. However, fate had painted a very different picture for us that day and to our surprise, 95% of candidates walked in.

Now, you must be wondering that being a recruiter, having 95% footfalls is good news and I should have been happy instead. But let me tell you what exactly gave a bad taste to this weekend drive. Well even though we had a good candidate footfall, we didn’t have enough interviewers in the panel who could finish interviews on time. Since it was a weekend, very few interviewers agreed to hold out interviews that day. And guess what? I was the only person who was coordinating this drive. No sooner did we commence the interviews than the candidates got really worked up. The fact that there was a dearth of interviewing experts, was causing delay in interviews. Within no time, the whole place turned into a fish market and I found myself running helter-skelter to cover for the short falls.

Unfortunately, nothing much could be done to give respite to the candidates and the entire experience for the candidates, interviewers as well as myself went down the tubes.

I was at my wits end, since I felt I terribly failed as a recruiter by letting the candidates and the interviewers go through this trauma. A million-dollar question flashed in my head. What could I have done better here to evade this situation?

The only thing that could have helped indubitably was outsourcing interviews. Another important question that comes is, can companies really outsource interviews? If you are new to the world of interviewing as a service, then you really must know this.

There are companies that takes the onus of not only taking the interviews, but also providing with the finest of interviewing experts who can interview the candidates. How’s that for fair?

There’s no question that the key resource for any organization is its workforce. And it’s a given that hiring the pick of the bunch is an utterly onerous task.

The American author and motivational speaker Zig Ziglar, says it all when he quotes, “You don’t build a business- You build people- and then people build the business.”

I am sure, we all are familiar with the typical approach undertaken by a recruiter when it comes to scouting talent. It all looks fair, until a day comes when the recruiter experiences candidate dropouts due to delay in interviewing candidates, lack of interviewing experts, longer turnaround times, scheduling conflicts etc. And this is exactly what I had experienced during the recruitment drive at McAfee.

By the way, the list doesn’t exhaust here. There are times where the internal team of interviewers aren’t sufficiently equipped or trained enough to carry out interviews. In addition to this, there are umpteen number of companies that have lean teams and may or may not have dedicated human resource professionals to take care of their hiring needs. This may bring forth a lot of challenges that can cripple the hiring process in massive ways. Besides this, candidate bias can add fuel to fire. The internal experts involved in interviewing may end up hiring candidates of their choice which is in no way favorable for company’s growth and can lead to detrimental consequences.

Now, imagine if all such significant hiccups get quashed in a blink of eye. With all this under the belt, it’s imperative that companies switch gears and join hands with technology that can take them to the next level. And the answer lies in outsourcing interviews as it has the efficacy to revolutionize recruitments in massive ways. A lot of companies are now offering interviews as a service. To name a few Interviewdesk, Monjin, AirCTO, eTeki are platforms that offers a curated approach to make hiring process quicker and simpler.

Organizations can find the ideal candidate with ease and save time and cost spent on hiring. Consider the countless resumes, recruiters have to screen in order to pick a few out of them. It’s an absolute waste of time and efforts. Here again outsourcing interviews can play a pivotal role. Since there is a team of experts, a ready pool of the most pertinent resumes is almost readily available at any given point of time.

Not only this, candidates often find it challenging to find the right platform to exhibit their talent., and such platforms assists them in helping them earn visibility and demand. In the same breath, interviewers can leverage by earning an extra dime at their convenience and create a brand around themselves. Other potent rewards as part of the package include detailed feedback reports, faster niche hiring, reduction in cost and effort in logistics etc. This is the power you have at your disposal when you have the option of outsourcing interviews

Remember time is always of essence. It’s a resource more valuable than money in today’s world. It has a wonderful way of showing what really matters. The bad news is time flies, but the good news is you’re the pilot and this is especially true, when you outsource interviews.

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