Six things you should avoid doing before joining your new employer

It was a happy Sunday morning until I realised that a candidate of mine is supposed to join tomorrow. I started sweating as I was grazing through my phone contacts trying to find his number to confirm whether he is joining the company or not but only to realise later that I haven’t saved his number. Then I quickly switched on my laptop, signed in to my mails to pull out his resume and atlast found that precious ten digit number. I quickly dialed in the numbers with my trembling hands and waited for him to answer. I tried once… twice.. thrice.. “Oh dear god! Why isn’t he answering my calls?” and when I almost lost my confidence on him, my phone started to ring and it’s him calling me back. With huge anxiety I answered the call and he told me hesitantly that he would be not be able to join the company and it’s over.

As a Recruiter, I think everyone of us in recruitment have gone through the mill. This builds up huge frustration and sometimes you may even think of giving it all up. We never know what happens after a candidate of yours accepts an offer from your company. After all research, we have listed below six things that a candidate should avoid before joining a new company.

Guard your ears from external forces

External Forces

Imagine the most awaited movie has been released on Friday and you have booked tickets for the morning show on Saturday. While you eagerly wait to see the movie on Saturday morning, out of huge curiosity you go to the internet and begin to read the reviews from at least 5 different websites and it doesn’t stop there, you also listen to the reviews on Youtube from some of the famous movie critics. After doing all the research, you come to a conclusion that the movie is bad. Now you decide to cancel the show which you haven't even watched yet. This pattern is similar to what follows after a candidate accepts the offer from one company, he goes into websites like Glassdoor, Quora etc. to read reviews about the company, he then calls some of his close colleagues to get suggestions. But what happens here is, instead of suggestions his colleagues start making decisions which ends up in misleading the candidate's decision to join the company.

While it's absolutely fine to know about the company you are about to join by checking the reviews, it is important that you, as a candidate, realise that if a person likes a company despite its negative sides, will write good about it and if a person dislikes a company despite its positive sides will write bad about it. In a similar way, as a candidate you must have your own personal preferences rather than allowing someone else to make decisions for you.

Money is not everything in this world

No Money

I remember reading a quote from a famous French philosopher named Voltaire: “Don’t think money does everything or you are going to end up doing everything for money”

After putting in all your efforts and time to prove yourself to your prospective employer, one thing which you think may excite or disappoint you is the salary being offered. As a recruiter, we are never against the negotiations you make but make sure your argument is valid before you start negotiating. Let me tell you a small story - I had a couple of candidates from the same company who were supposed to join my client. Both of them had excellent offers with very good increase in pay, joining bonus, etc. Things were moving well until one of the candidates called me and insisted on further increase in the CTC. I spoke to my client informing them that they had to rework the offer, send a final offer to the candidate and he also accepted it. After two days, I got a call from his colleague (Another candidate) and he also wanted a raise in the offered CTC. While the first one had a valid reason, the second candidate quoted a reason “You had increased the salary of my friend, why not mine?”. This reason not only took me by surprise, I found it to be neither funny nor professional.

First it's not right to share your CTC details to your colleagues and secondly negotiations must have some valid reasons. According to a recent survey, 84% of job seekers in recent time have made it a mandatory habit to negotiate on the offered salary to get at least a 10% release. But even after giving them what they need, they come up with some creative reasons to decline the offer. There are equal amount of employers who even revoke the offer of a candidate just because he/she may show more interest on money. Your new company may have lot more benefits beyond salaries for you to explore, try finding them out rather than losing your credibility for money.

Can I work from home?

Work from home

We always fail to understand that work from home is just an added option given by the employer themselves and not something to be assumed or taken automatically into consideration from your future employer. There are many cases where the candidate after putting in all the efforts in terms of cracking the interview process, carry this as a reason for not joining the company. Most of the companies do not have “work from home” option because according to them working at office gives more amount of productivity. Next time even before applying for a new job opportunity, do make sure to check these options either by reading the complete job description or enquiring the recruiter on the same.

Promise to one, Accept too Many

Multiple offers

“Sorry!!! I got another offer” Almost 80% of job seekers tell this as a reason for not joining the company. Trying for another opportunity when you already have an offer in hand is absolutely fine when you have valid reasons like expected salary does not match, location constraints, work culture etc., but it gives a bad credibility to yourself when you start shopping for job offers after committing yourself to one particular employer. Always keep in mind that a recruiter may reject a candidate even at a resume screening level if the candidate claims to be holding multiple job offers.

Smitten by Infrastructure & Team Size


Can a company’s efficiency be evaluated just by its infrastructure and the total team strength? I’m definitely sure it’s a No!. This happens mostly in case of early stage startups in spite of building some innovative products. A company’s growth and efficiency is decided by the employees and the quality of work they deliver. Willing to be a part of that team actually shows the level of commitment and the entrepreneurial spirit you carry. Instead of giving infrastructure or company size as reasons for not joining the company let’s look at growing along with the company.

Bitten by Onsite Opportunities

Onsite Image

Onsite opportunities have been a selling point for many companies to retain their candidates but most of us don't understand that it's just a temporary shift and not a permanent one. Jobseekers prefer onsite opportunities for one reason - Money, but at the same one cannot regret the fact that a major portion of salary earned is spent on the basic survival due to hefty cost of living. While startups and companies in India are building some of the cool innovative stuffs why not make a career here for a better future. Let’s think about it!

Avoiding these can definitely add a success badge in your career.

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