Six things to plan before hiring a fresher

I still remember my first Interview as a fresher, I was able to sense an adrenaline rush when my name was announced as the next candidate. After sitting/sweating for about 2 hours I entered the air-conditioned room which can put anyone to sleep but I saw two people with curious faces sitting opposite to me waiting for me settle down so that they can start shooting their questions. I checked with some of my college mates to understand how an interview will be, what questions will be asked etc., for which the answer undoubtedly was “Tell me about yourself” and as a fresher, all I did was prepare an answer for this particular question. After months of understanding, I braced myself to tackle a typical job interview.

Now flip the coin, let’s look at the other side with you sitting as an interviewer and holding the responsibility of hiring freshers for your organization. Assume that you have an unmanageable crowd of fresh job seekers waiting outside your office for an interview, you think you are making a smart move by arranging enough panel members to interview, but that doesn't completely ease of the pressure. It is essential to create a good interview experience for a fresher in particular because these are the candidates who are stepping into your office for the first time without having any expectations in mind which can help them to learn and apply, not something to repent and frustrate. Having mentioned about all these, let’s have a look on the six things you need to plan before hiring a fresher.

Change your approach


Asking irrelevant questions in an interview; Before I proceed further, I want to know how many of you guys reading this have been through this situation before?. Asking irrelevant questions does not only create a bad name for yourself as an employer but also it does create a negative impact on the candidates' mind. After 4 years of graduation, with a lot of dreams and hopes of landing their dream job, we do see a lot of candidates applying and waiting to get in. Being their first interview there may be a lot of instances where the candidate may make mistakes in terms of communicating, resume writing, etc but as an employer, it is always our duty to approach them kindly to make them understand and give them an learning experience.


Salary offer

Offering attractive salaries is one of the primary selling point for companies to attract freshers. Colleges, in fact, decide about the employers to visit their colleges only based on the salary being offered. In case of premium institutes, the filtration criteria are even more scrutinized with only world’s top most product companies allowed to visit the colleges. But the sad part is that the pay discrimination has never been focused on the candidates’ skill but from the colleges they graduate.

While we see a lot of technological advancements emerging day by day, we also see a considerable amount of students showing great interest in learning them. After putting years of efforts to learn to develop one’s own skills apart from the regular college curriculum to compete in the job market, offering greater salary packages to another candidate just because he/she is from a premium institute which doesn’t seem fair, isn’t. Having said all these, why not look at an interview process which would assess the real skill sets of the candidate and offer a salary accordingly regardless of the institutes they graduate from.

Brand your company

Branding Company

Branding plays a major role when it comes to building trust for the candidate to join your company. More than attractive salaries, candidates will be more concerned about the company, what they do etc. Let me give you an instance which happened to me during my final year of college - We got an amazing company to visit our college as a part of the campus hiring process. While we all were tensed and excited, the day started off with an Introduction presentation from one of the HR from the company.The entire presentation was about the company’s annual turnover, employee strength, the roles, and responsibilities if selected etc.,which were of less importance to us. Since I already knew about the company I took a backseat and wasn’t interested in what the HR had to say.

As an employer, rather than talking about the financials', it’s very essential to talk about the employees and their contribution to it. For instance, a short presentation may consist of Company Name, What they do, Founder’s background, how the company has contributed in terms of grooming their employees (Employee Testimonial), Work Culture and finally the interview process. This is what a fresher would expect since these are things that would excite or motivate them to join the company.

Be Smart, Don't Outsmart (Don't be a Jerk)


First of all, we have to understand that Interviewing is not to show your expertise but to assess the candidate’s skill who is sitting opposite to you. Assessing a fresher for Java developer doesn't mean that you can ask them to write 100 lines of code. Before starting the interview process for freshers, it’s mandatory for the hiring managers to understand their course curriculum and to question them accordingly. In-depth interviews can be conducted if he/she claims that they have gained enough expertise in a particular field which matches the needs of the employer.

Be Transparent


It’s always essential and good to be transparent about the role being offered rather than exaggerating or creating a fear about the opportunity. Especially in the case of hiring freshers, it has become a common factor in creating fear of being fired in case of not performing well during the training period. Instead of creating a fear of termination, we can always encourage the fresh minds by telling them in a single line that their efforts will be recognized.



When we say logistics requirement for an Interview, the only thing that comes to our mind are stationary items such as Pen, Pencil and White Sheets. Let me tell you a small story which actually happened to one of my close relatives who attended an Interview with one of the well established firm. The crowd to attend the interview was more than expected and due to lack of planning all the candidates were made to sit at the parking lot for the written examinations. It's obvious that when we are planning a freshers hiring program it has to be big since we might have huge number of candidates coming in. Be it a large number or a small number of freshers coming in, logistics must also include providing quick refreshments like a bottle of water, a cup of tea/coffee, juice etc.

Following these steps you surely create a positive vibe for the newcomers.

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