6 tools every recruiters should start using today

I still remember my first job as a recruiter, the first day I entered the office and believe me, like in the movies, the environment was like a stock market.. Recruiters were busy talking on phone with a mix of various emotions trying to convince a job seeker for a particular opportunity. Especially in India, the dependency factor on job boards were more during the early days, but when technology started evolving in other domains, the area of recruitment also started gaining attention. In the initial days, recruiters had to connect on call or invite a job seeker in person to know more about them but after the rise of networking sites, relationship between both recruiter and candidate has become more transparent. Today, technology is getting smarter with Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning dominating in all the areas including recruitment also. With lot of tools coming up in market, let's look at 6 tools every recruiter should use for greater efficiency

6 Entelo


Entelo is a US based SaaS Platform that is used by Hiring Managers and Recruiter to map the right talents. This HR tech company has developed three major products Entelo Platform, Entelo Engage and Entelo Envoy. Envoy is a sourcing tool powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to help you find the right talent. The product leverages Predictive Analytics and Smart Automation techniques to push the right candidate to your inbox. On the other hand, Entelo platform is considered to be an Intelligent recruiting software product that populates results from across 50 different sites for a particular Job description and can also predict candidates who are likely to change job in within the next 90 days. The company is said to have 30+ clients using their product and has indexed to more than 300 million social profiles on their website using various sources.

5 Meetup

Meetup Meetup is one of the popular networking platforms which lets you attend or host meetings with like minded professionals. Even if you are not attending the event, you can always connect with the subject matter experts and send out personalized messages to them through this platform.

4 GitHub


GitHub is a community where you find all the passionate coders in a single platform. The platform helps software professionals to create and store all their projects in various repositories. The platform also allows the coders to connect with other fellow coders, view their work and can also contribute for their projects. As of 2017, the company reports of having 26 million users with 57 million repositories making it one of the largest hub for skilled software developers. You will be able to find talented coders from all around the globe ranging from freshers to experienced software professionals.

3 Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is one of the largest forum for software developers to ask questions or answer any of the questions on a wide range of topics in Computer Programming. Frequent users of Stack Overflow who give answers for the questions asked earn badges and recognitions internally in the platform. The most prominent feature is that, Stack Overflow also allows recruiters or hiring managers to post jobs and source experts programmers from the platform.

2 Naukri


Eventhough we debate a lot about AI, Machine learning etc., Naukri has undoubtedly emerged as one of the most used platforms. While food is necessary for a human being to survive, naukri is a mandatory tool for any company’s survival to hire right talents. Naukri.com holds a job seeker database of about 49.5 million, making it one of the largest job board. Almost 80% of the companies, use other tools along with naukri as a benchmark product for hiring talents.

1 LinkedIn


You can never say no to this! Even if we have the candidate’s profile on a job board, the very next question the recruiter asks is his/her Linkedin profile URL. LinkedIn has played a major role in terms of giving a professional transparency of the candidate to the recruiter. At present the networking site holds a user base of 42 million users only from India. Even though the site has multiple paid products internally, which doesn't stop you from networking and approaching job seekers or recruiters. LinkedIn is also considered to be one of the best tools to access the passive talent pool unlike active users available on job boards.

We believe some of you may know/have used some of the tools listed above. But for those, who are yet to use it, these tools are sure to increase your recruitment efficiency.

Happy Hiring!!!

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