Six awesome ways to avoid "No-Shows"

On a lovely Friday evening, my mind was fully filled with the excitement of spending time with my family and friends in my native for the weekend, I sat down to call all the candidates who were lined up for Interviews on Monday. I called all the 15 candidates on my list and confirmed their presence for the interview. I, then left my laptop in my office carrying just my phone and headset and boarded the bus to my native at around 8 pm. The weekend went on as planned. I had fun to the maximum and boarded a very late bus back to Chennai on Sunday night and rushed to the office on Monday morning and checked my emails only to realize a mail from my Hiring manager. Can you guess what the mail contained? If you had guessed right, you know what is coming in the next few paragraphs. Yes, Only 4 of the 15 candidates I had scheduled had attended the interview, the remaining 9 were no-shows. A recruiter of all does not want to hear about no-shows, that too, on a Monday morning. Is there any way to avoid no-shows? Definitely not. Is there any way to reduce no-shows? Yes, Definitely. Well, here are the 6 steps to reduce the interview No-Shows.

Strong Candidate Relationship


A recruiter at least makes 5-6 calls to the candidate before the actual interview. Now why the candidate does not go to the interview, in spite of making these many calls?. One of the reasons could be, that the recruiter might not have shared the “Job Description” to the candidate, only for the candidate to realize at a later stage that he is not an appropriate fit for the job role. But what if the recruiter has clearly conveyed the job roles, responsibilities etc., to the candidate and the candidate still doesn’t attend the interview?. The recruiter might have forgotten to mention some important details about the company. But what if the recruiter had shared all those details and still the candidate didn't show up for the interview? This could go on you know. One of the important things that could reduce no-shows is for the recruiter to be honest while providing details about the company, interviews, interview processes, past interviews in the company etc.

For example, during a weekend drive, it is important that you share the right number of candidates who are going to attend the interview along with him/her. Right from the day you start talking to the candidate develop a good relationship with them. Candidate relationship gets stronger only if you avoid asking binary questions that requires just an Yes/No answer. Instead, ask them about the reason they are looking for change, travel between their house and the employer for which you pitching for, family background etc. Good relationships can end up in candidate being more transparent to the recruiter. The last thing to be noted while talking to a candidate is that you should never see him as a candidate and should always look to establish a very good bond with him by telling how they stand a chance to actually get the offer.

Do not Exaggerate!!


Another major reason for no-shows is the exaggeration created by the recruiters. It is very important for the recruiter to state the actual facts about the company rather than overcooking and making a mess out of it. The recruiter can also share some useful tips and try to build a rapport with the candidate by sharing interview questions, interview process etc., According to a recent survey, too much exaggeration either about the interview process or about the company may also create an unnecessary fear for your prospective candidate or a bad reputation for the company which may end being a no-show.

Skill Bandwidth Issues? Time to Outsource

Bandwidth It’s a well-known fact for all of us that technology has evolved so much in the recent times. While we see a lot of start-ups and big companies leveraging these technologies to build some of the most innovative products, an equal amount of challenges prevail in terms of hiring talents with experience or at least awareness in these technologies. Even if we get to identify an amazing talent from some XYZ company, interviewing or assessing him/her for one particular skill seems to be the biggest challenge. Calling a candidate for an interview without a proper skilled interviewer may cause a negative impact on your company.

Given this situation, outsourcing interviews is considered as one of the most efficient practices. InterviewDesk is one such company which has been addressing this primary issue of interviewer bandwidth with expert interviewers conducting one or two levels of prescreening on behalf of the companies. As a company, all you need to do is to upload a Job Description along with the candidates for that particular Job and its done!! InterviewDesk team will do the rest of the job for you and the feedbacks' will be available on the platform within 72 hours time.

Multiple Reminders

Reminders “I actually do this!!” would be the answer from recruiters the moment they read this topic, but the real fact is how many of us ask what’s the candidates’ preferred way of sending reminders. We assume that calling and reminding the candidates regularly may be preferred but we never knew this would also cause an irritation to the candidate and end up being a no-show. It's time to think different! reminders need not be all about interviews, you can also send emails or text messages stating interesting facts about the company for which he/she is going to attend the interview.

Let us take an example, let's think of a retail clothing shop which has been newly opened in your location. Have you ever received calls regularly from them to visit their shops and buy clothes? No, but you keep receiving text messages and email which would be about the offers and discounts they provide, also at times they brand about themselves that they have opened a new branch in different locations, finally even if you visit their shop once they send personalized offers which are valid only for you etc., In the same way, let's think of sending similar kind of reminders to the candidate. First of all, ask him how should you remind him about the interview? Now that you have got his preferred way of reminding, sending him frequent updates about the company, also let him know how important is his profile is for them, how crucial is his role in the company etc. You might even have your own creative way of doing things but keep one thing in mind, Never Exaggerate!!!


Logistics Once, there was a senior candidate of mine who came for an interview to our office, due to some personal reasons, I was not there at the office on that day and I had to inform my colleague to coordinate. I suddenly received a call from him stating that he has left the place and was not willing to take up an interview with us. When I asked him the reason, he gave me a surprising reply that there were no chairs for him to sit. You might think this to be a normal reason but it's not, the same candidate might inform his network about the bad interview experience which inturn may create a bad reputation for your company. When recruiters are aware that they have a weekend drive which would obviously have a huge number of prospective candidates coming in, why not make all the necessary logistic arrangements for them? If your prospective candidate is on time for the interview, treating him with a chair to sit and giving him some water to drink is the best way to attract the candidate, regardless of whether he is a select or a reject in your interview process. Next time you ask the candidate for some references, he will surely help you with a handful of them!!!

Scheduling conflicts

Conflicts A manager has no clue on what or how their recruiters talk to the candidates since they will be busy with their own responsibilities. But at the end of the day, when managers question their recruitment team about the no-shows, the fingers are point towards the candidate. But I have seen a lot of instances where in spite of the candidate telling he has a doctor appointment or some personal work, the recruiter says “It's OK!! But attend the interview” funny, Ain’t it? The next time you try calling him to reschedule the interview he may not even respond you... You may think that you are convincing him but actually, you are forcing him to attend the interview process, which leads to No-Show. Never do that!!! If the candidate has a valid reason, it is the duty of the recruiter to make interview arrangements for an alternative date!!

Following these steps will help reduce the "No-Shows". Despite following all these steps, you will have no shows but it sure as hell will reduce it

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