5 Smart ways to hire right talent for your startup

Running a successful startup has more to it than just the unique idea that you’ve been incubating for several months. Whether you’re a bootstrapped or a funded company, hiring the right talent is a crucial step in executing your game-plan. Even though the task might look easy, it often takes a big chunk of your time and energy to screen through candidate profiles, shortlist potential talent, conduct interviews and negotiate the offer. Keeping that in mind,we’ve listed five smart ways in which you can find the right team for your growing company.


Finding people through your friends and known sources is still one of the best ways to find the right talent. You can get to know a potential candidate just by talking to your longtime friend over a phone call or even when you’re telling about your company when you’re at a party with your former colleagues. The key is to be open about your company. Tell more people about what your company does and what you’re looking for in your employees. When you create enough interest, people might come forward and refer the best people they know.


Another easy way to find the right people is through employee referrals. According to a study by Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), over 30% of all hires done during 2016 were through employee referrals. The study analyzed data from more than 14 million applications, 655,000 interviews and 329,000 hires, aggregated from more than 1,000 participating companies. So, if you already have a core team, ask them to refer the best people they know and you’re all set to roll with your plan.


It is always a little difficult to tell whether a person would be the right fit for your team just from their interview performance. Sometimes, you might also have to gauge their performance before making a decision. The effective approach to go about this is by hiring interns. If you’re looking for freshers, you can adopt this method as it is affordable and effective.

You can hire a bunch of interns whom you think would do well in the long term and train them for a period of three to six months. During the course of the time, you can evaluate their performance and go ahead with the offer. But, this won’t work for companies that are bound by strict launch schedules. If you’re expanding and would like to experiment,internship is definitely a good place to start.

Posting on Job portals

When you don’t want to restrict the scope of people you want to meet to former colleagues and friends of former colleagues, you can use job portals to put across your hiring requirements. You might get a very good response, but the downside of this is that you will have to screen and shortlist the right set of people from a huge pile of resumes. This takes a lot of time and effort from the HR team. If you’re capped for budget and have a small HR team, you will have to convert some of your key employees into makeshift HR personnel to screen for the right talent. Even though this will be effective, this might also take a huge chunk of your productive time.

Outsourcing Interviews

If you did not have a HR to help you with the hiring process or if your team is too small to screen through candidate profiles and interview them, the right way to go about finding the best talent is by outsourcing interviews. There are several companies that offer hiring services based on your requirements.

At InterviewDesk, we have created an on-demand interview platform to help companies of all sizes. If you have a huge pile of candidate profiles, we can help you screen the right talent by allocating interviewers from our interviewer pool. The interviewers are assigned based on the job title requirement and the interviewer’s experience in the field. This will allow us to identify the right talent for the described role. What if you don’t have a pile of candidate profiles to screen from! Don’t worry. We’ve also got an in-house talent database with thousands of aspiring candidates who are waiting to prove themselves. We can screen the best candidates from our talent pool and give you the best. We completely take care of your entire hiring process. I guess you would be a little relieved after reading how simple it is find the right talent for your company. If you’re still puzzled about how to go about it, feel free to drop us an email and we will help you right away.

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