Interview Desk Helps HR Leaders Outsource Interview Process

A Chennai based start-up has come up with a concept of Interview Desk where the hiring process of the enterprises can be outsourced to them. During the launch in Chennai recently, the company stated that the biggest assets that companies have are its people, even though the gestation period of hiring is excruciatingly long. And that’s why companies spend so much time, effort and money in hiring the best people. Unfortunately, to hire that one perfect person, an organization need to look through lot of people who are half-good or not good at all.

According to Pichumani Durairaj, Founder-CEO of the company, “Companies will need to wade through hundreds, if not thousands, of resumes to shortlist a few. This means that there is wastage of precious time. This is where they sensed an opportunity to increase the efficiency of recruiting. It was then that we thought what if there is a methodology to remove the drudgery of going through tons of resumes.?”

“We tried putting in place a mechanism whereby an experienced team can go through the reams of resumes and sieve out the not so good ones, evaluate and weed out the ones that don’t fit the requirement and finally shortlist the ones that really do matter,” Durairaj said explaining a the scenario where companies can look at 10 good shortlisted candidates instead of wading through 500 resumes. This saves enormous bandwidth. This gives them the time to have an in-depth conversation with the shortlisted candidates and ask incisive questions that truly matter. This not only vastly quickens the process and it also greatly helps in getting the right people on board.”

Interview Desk has been set up as an on-demand interviewer platform with the vision for creating the World’s largest interviewer community. “Our goal is to work on a unique concept of outsourced interview model that helps the organizations save more than 50% of time and cost spent on hiring. InterviewDesk follows a Marketplace model, which helps attract interviewers with varying skills. This way, we are able to attract interviewers who have decades of experience in the right fields to ask the right questions. The marketplace model gives us tremendous advantage of scaling up real quick across all geographies.”

In an exclusive interaction with CXO Today, Durairaj explains the company’s business model and the way ahead.

CXOToday: While there are many HR-driven software in the market, why do you think there is a need for a software exclusive for interviewing?

Durairaj: In general HR driven softwares help us either in maintaining the candidate database or some of the recent software help us identify the right talents, but none of these are the need of the hour. Interviewing is the toughest phase wherein we lose some of the potential talents just because of the delay from the respective hiring managers. That’s the moment I thought of having a product with an “Outsourced Interviewing Model”.

CXOToday: What are the key pain points you are planning to address through this?

Durairaj: Eventhough there are many I would like to highlight two major pain points which would be addressed by using InterviewDesk. When a potential talent looks out for some challenging opportunities he/she may not be focused or cannot be waiting for a single opportunity to take off. After identifying a talent matching the opportunity screening and scheduling part takes a lot of time during which job seeker becomes a bit restless and starts moving on to the next. At nterviewdesk we solve this real problem of “Identifying right talent at right time.”

In the current scenario, Hiring Managers are loaded with lot of delivarables on day to day basis. On a screening perspective a whole bunch of resume may look relevant but at the time of interviewing it may completely be an irrelevant show which is an ultimate waste of time and money. At Interviewdesk we bridge this gap by providing pre-screened candidates which we feel may be the right fit for the opportunity.

CXOToday: What is your view on the amount spent on HR for the organizations? Does a HR team is equipped with enough funds for enhancing themselves technically? How you compare with the spend on sales team or administration/operations department?

Durairaj: Yes, obviously the function of HR has the major responsibility of working on budgeting too. When it comes to recruitment in specific HR from the organizations outsource the task of sourcing the talents for a particular job opportunity to multiple manpower consulting firms, but the major task of screening, shortlisting and interviewing goes into the hands the particular HR from the organisation. At interviewdesk, we carry this entire burden and give only the potential talents which saves upto 50% of time and cost spent on hiring.

CXOToday: Gone are the days where a spend on IT were seen as cost-cutting. As of today, any software or deployment made by the IT team, will ask for the profit made out of the deployments. What are the ways your solution can have a profit for the organizations?

Durairaj: The answer is again the same, instead of paying a manpower consulting firm just for sourcing the right talent its always good to have interviewdesk which takes care of the entire cycle which is a proven form of saving money and time.

CXOToday: What is your GTM for India market? Do you have any plans for taking this through channel partners?

Durairaj: Our GTM initially would be targeting stealth mode start-ups, mid sized start-ups and growing companies where there are real challenges of getting the right manpower for getting the job done. Later, we would also be helping large scale organizations with much more customised solutions.

CXOToday: We cannot expect a HR team to be technically sound. How you ensure that your solution is providing an ease of use for them?

Durairaj: Since the whole concept is built by a recruitment expert, we have developed a user friendly platform which speaks for itself. The HR need to be a technical guy at all. All they need to do is signup, post an active job profile in our platform and just sit back and relax. We take care of the other activities

CXOToday: Also, interacting with human resources might not be as equal as interacting with materials in the warehouse, as in the case with humans, analysis of a candidature can happen better in personal interaction( like body language, eye-contact and more). How does an online analytical tool (for example an interview by a bot) make right decision in finalizing the candidate?

Durairaj: As of now InterviewDesk platform has human intervention everywhere. Right from Sourcing till interviewing. We also understand that AI, Machine learning is the next big step and we are working around it to bring out the best solutions. As of now we may not be able to explain the BOT model.

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