A short interview with Pichumani Durairaj – CEO of Interviewdesk

Last week, I was invited to the launch of Interviewdesk – an on demand interviewer platform aimed at solving the slow and cumbersome hiring process that is prevalent in many companies. When I met the CEO of the company, Mr. Pichumani Durairaj he said that his vision is to help companies hire the right talent and he was certain that Interviewdesk would help them right away. I also asked him a few quick questions about the company and he patiently answered them all.

What made you start Interviewdesk?

Being a recruitment professional, I found that retaining a potential talent during the phase of multiple interviews has always been a tough task. On the other hand, even though hiring managers need people on time, they find it really tough to allocate a dedicated time for interviews since they are loaded with lot of work.

That is the reason I started Interviewdesk. To help companies find the right talent on time.

How is interviewdesk different from a other HR firms?

Interviewdesk is completely a unique model. We work on a source to select model, wherein with our in house recruiters we identify resumes through various sources and pass it to our expert interviewers for one or two levels of pre-screening and pick the best out of the lot. But a typical HR firm would only be able to identify resumes through various sources.

How would you classify interviewdesk? A HR firm? or a technology firm?

I would say that Interviewdesk is a HR Techology firm.

I know you’re from Amazon? How did the your experience in Amazon help you build interviewdesk? How strong is the technology?

It has helped in various aspects. Amazon has moulded me in various aspects both in terms of learning the technology and networking with various experts, outside and inside of the company.

Name one difficulty or obstacle you faced before or during the launch? And, also tell us how did your team overcome it?

I cannot call it as an obstacle, but we do face challenges when we integrate technology into the HR concept. We are trying to build a scalable product which would be able to automate various tasks for the HR of any company in terms of managing the schedules.

What is your dream for Interviewdesk? Where do you see it in the future?

My dream & vision is building world’s largest community of interviewers.

Is this going to be only for India? Or are you planning to expand to other developing countries?

Its going to be across globe.

If you’re interested to know more about Interviewdesk, you can do it from their website.

I thank Mr. Pichumani for giving me an opportunity and sharing his experiences about Interviewdesk.

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